Laser Machine

Machine name standard material size maximum
transfer rate
processing thickness
Bystar 4020 4000x2000mm 85m/min SUS 25T AL 12T SS 25T
Bystar 3015 3000x1500mm 113m/min SUS 20T AL 10T SS 20T
Bystar-speed 3000x1500mm 50m/min SUS 15T AL 8T SS 20T
Bystar-Fiber 10kw 3000x1500mm 120m/min SUS 30T AL 30T SS 20T 비철 15T
Bystar-Fiber 15kW 8000x2500mm 170m/min SUS 30T AL 30T SS 20T 비철 15T

1. The laser machines can work on iron plates, pipes and profiles. 2. The customer can choose between 3015 and 4020 (can process materials as large as 4x2m quickly and economically)