Tae Kwang Laser Co., Ltd., a company specialized in laser processing, bending and pipe-making! We will satisfy our customers through differentiated technologies and ceaseless efforts

I am Ju-Yeong Kim, the CEO of Tae Kwang Laser Co., Ltd

I appreciate encouragement and support shown by our affiliates and customers.
Tae Kwang Laser was founded as a stock company in 2011 to offer greater customer satisfaction.

Tae Kwang Laser has latest equipment and professional human resources related to design, laser processing, bending and manufacture. It has grown into a leader of the industry with differentiated technologies and services.

Our first priority is to make products accurately and precisely, offer them at reasonable prices, and deliver them on time. We always remember that customers are most important.

As we promise to provide best possible services, please show us continued interest and support.